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Visit the Magic of Faerie Song
Visit the Magic of Faerie Song
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Visit the Magic of Faerie Song

Stained glass fairy created by Starshine
Welcome all lovers of the fae. You will find lots of Fairies here! We're so glad to have you visit. The fairys are excited to meet you! I hope you will enjoy the Magical Realm of Faerie Song. You can visit our music Faeries, read the original poetry, visit our Dragon Realm at Dragon Song, meet our Cyber Fae and Cyber Pets, and you can even win an award from Faerie Song!

I believe in faeries

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Enter Our World - Hear Our Song

I am honored to introduce Feste....Guardian of my page!

Faery Guardian

She came to me from Amanda's Guardians.
I am delighted she is here!

Fairy Guardian

Isn't she beautiful! Welcome from Pixie Rhiannon.
Beautiful Irish Pixie
We had a wonderful turn out for Faerie Song's Virtual Festival of the Fae. The Festival will be back in the Summer of 2014. Please stop by and join in the Festivities. If you would like to visit our Faire Grounds click on the image below.

Meet the Fairys at our Faery Festival!  
View the Magical Fair Grounds

If you would like to receive updates on the Festival Ceremonies and an announcement on the opening day please send an email to me, Faerie Starshine, and I will get the info out to you as it becomes available.

It is said that a four leafed clover
can give a person the power to see a
Faerie even when they are in their
invisible state!
Click here for Good Luck!
With a four leafed clover in your possession
you may have the power to break Faerie spells
and see through their magic!

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