The Festival of the Fairies

Faerie Song's Festival of the Fae has come to a close.

We will be back again during the Summer of 2009 for sure!
Oh, won't that be exciting!!

While you're here you can look around the Faire Grounds if you like.
We're just tidying up a bit!


I'm glad that you have found your way into our Faire Grounds. Aren't they lovely. The grass here is as green and soft as velvet. The willow trees swing and sway with every breeze dancing to the music of the festival. The Faeries are their partners in the Dance of the Trees. Oh, you don't want to miss that now do you!

The willow trees surround a beautiful crystal blue pond. When you gaze into this pond you will see only truth. Some are very afraid of our pond, but only those with something to hide. Will you gaze into its depths? Its safe one is looking, but do not come near the pond on festival day if your heart and soul are not pure!

We hope that you will enjoy our Festival. We have many carts here selling wonderful things...hats, food, hot air balloon rides. There will also be lots of entertainment. Faerys from the world over will be on hand to share with us there love of music, dance, poetry, and song.

Our Faire Grounds cover 50 acres of the most beautiful land in the country. There will be thousands visiting with us during the Festival. We hope that you will be one of them.

Note: This festival is of the virtual variety! Enjoy....from the comfort of your own home : )

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